Articles from December 2020

Tracing Journal: Dinosaural OPA-101 Overdriven Preamp

We’ve got a trilogy! The very first tracing journal we ever did was the Dinosaural OTC-201 Opticompressor back in August of 2019. A few months ago, we took apart the Tube Bender. And today, we tackle the last …

Tracing Journal: Crowther Hot Cake

Here’s an interesting one. The Crowther Hot Cake is one of the original boutique distortion pedals, dating all the way back to 1976. They’ve been hand-built by Paul Crowther in New Zealand for the past 44 years. And …

Aion FX on the Guitar Knobs podcast!

I got to hang out (virtually) with Todd, Jared and Tony at The Guitar Knobs for an episode of the podcast that dropped today. Check it out: A few of the topics we covered— Fender’s new reissue CuNiFe …

New website launching today

Just over a year ago, I was able to quit my day job to do Aion FX full time. This followed a career as a web developer, something I’d been doing my whole professional life. (Or longer, really—I …

Tracing Journal: Cornish CC-1

Cornish says the CC-1 is an all-original design, but how accurate is that? Have a look underneath the goop.

Tracing Journal: Cornish ST-2

We tear open a Cornish ST-2 to answer the question once and for all: is it an Overdriver?

Tracing Journal: Dinosaural Tube Bender

There are only 150 of these pedals in the world. We were able to trace one of them. Check out the photos, schematic, and a DIY version you can build.

International shipping updates, June 2020

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on international mail service. Here are some changes we’ll be implementing for international orders.