Aion FX - New PCBs 11/16/2020

Four new projects releasing today, including two brand-new traces

Today we’ve got four new projects for you to check out. The first two are brand-new traces, accompanied by tracing journals documenting the process and describing the circuit in greater depth. Along with these, we also have one of Dan Coggins’ first circuit designs dating back to 1993, and an updated version of the Corvus, based on the EHX op-amp Big Muff Pi from 1978.

Ixora Overdriven Preamp PCBIxora – Dinosaural OPA-101

An updated version of the Tube Bender, handbuilt in extremely small quantities from 2012 to 2016.

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Anomaly Vintage Distortion PCBAnomaly – Crowther Hot Cake

One of the original boutique overdrive/distortion pedals from the 1970s, based on a new trace of the 2008 revision that includes XLF and Bluesberry modes.

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Atom Fuzz Drive PCBAtom – ETI Fuzztone

A simple yet effective drive circuit originally designed by Dan Coggins of Lovetone and Dinosaural as a DIY project for Electronics Today Magazine.

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Corvus Distortion/Sustainer PCBCorvus – EHX Op-Amp Big Muff

A re-release of the classic EHX circuit, updated for the new 125B format.

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