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Tempest Amp Distortion

Based On
Friedman BE-OD
Effect Type
Build Difficulty
Project Summary
A pedal recreation of the Friedman® BE-100 and Dirty Shirley amplifiers.
Tempest Amp Distortion printed circuit board

Printed Circuit Board

What's included?
PCB, build instructions, and parts list.


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Complete Kit

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Project overview

The Tempest Amp Distortion is a combination of the Friedman® BE-OD and Dirty Shirley pedals, two very similar circuits that were designed to emulate high-gain amplifiers.

It’s not a true amp emulator of the sort that replace the tubes with JFETs, as Runoffgroove is famous for. Instead, it’s fully driven by op-amps, but very carefully designed in a way to mimic the response and character of a Friedman amplifier. And by all accounts it has succeeded, quickly becoming one of the most revered “amp in a box” pedals on the scene today.

The original Friedman BE-OD is missing a midrange control, while the Dirty Shirley has a midrange control but converts the Tight knob into a toggle switch. The Tempest project combines these together, preserving the midrange control while also leaving the Tight control as a knob instead of a switch, for a total of seven knobs.

Documentation & Build Reports