Do you want to design & sell your own effect, but don’t want to learn a CAD program or navigate the complicated world of PCB manufacture? Aion FX offers PCB design services and can supply a white-labeled PCB for your product. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you’d like to inquire about custom services.

White labeling / OEM

We can white-label any of our existing projects, removing the Aion logo and circuit name and adding yours.

Pricing is simple: In quantities of 100, you get a discount of 20% off from the standard price of the project, and 30% in quantities of 500. You can also order them in whatever color you’d like. (White-labeled PCBs must be ordered in quantities of 100, 200, 300 or 500.)

Minor layout tweaks can be made to your specification. These are free as long as the total amount of work is estimated at one hour or less. It is assumed that the project will not require any additional documentation or instructions beyond the documentation of the original Aion project, so no additional time is budgeted for documentation.

Note: As of 2023, we are no longer able to offer fully custom PCB design services. We will continue to offer the whitelabeling/OEM services outlined here for the foreseeable future.