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Building a pedal should be fun and rewarding.

There’s an immense pride in playing through something you built yourself, especially when it gets you closer to the elusive tone of the superstars and legends. With the surge of the maker movement in the last few years, hand-crafted electronics has never been so mainstream.

Aion FX kit - unpopulated PCB

But the learning curve can be merciless.

All that pride disappears in an instant if you turn it on and it doesn’t work. Or even worse, if you get stuck along the way and don’t know how to finish. When all the resources are written for people who already know what they’re doing, it’s hard to get off the ground.

Even a kit doesn’t do much to jump-start the process. You’re given a bag of parts, sometimes unlabeled. The build documentation may be minimal, incomplete, or even contain errors. The learning curve is just as steep—the only difference is that someone did the shopping for you ahead of time.

Aion FX kit - populated PCB

Pedalbuilding needs a revolution.

The DIY pedal community is proud to spend most of its time in the past. This is great when it means preserving and recreating vintage analog circuits—but not when it means overlooking modern manufacturing techniques that can save time, reduce errors, and straighten out the learning curve.

These kits are designed around one idea: What if we could eliminate the tedious parts of building pedals, but keep parts that are fun and rewarding?

Aion FX kit - inside view, assembled

So we re-imagined how pedals are built, taking inspiration from the broader maker movement as well as manufacturing design principles, but staying true to the tone of the original circuits. They’re made with the beginner in mind—but like the best products or apps, they aren’t oversimplified. They’re just designed well, with painstaking attention to detail.

So if you’ve never built a pedal before, an Aion FX kit can be your first. And even if you’ve been doing it for years, try one out. It may change the way you build.

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Top picks for first-time builders

Committed to quality, inside and out

Aion FX kits using wire assemblies

Straightforward assembly

All the hardware is PCB-mounted, and the boards are connected together with Molex-style wire assemblies that are already tinned and cut to length. This avoids the time and complexity of traditional wiring, and allows for easy removal for troubleshooting or modification.
Audiophile-grade 0.5% resistors

Audiophile-grade resistors

We source our own high-end resistors with the value printed on them. You don’t need to decode any color bands to read the value, which is time-consuming and leads to errors. They’re also a tight 0.5% tolerance instead of the standard 1% or 5% that is typically used.
Beginner-friendly kits

Professional enclosures

Our enclosures are drilled, powdercoated and printed by Disaster Area Designs in North Carolina, USA. The circuit inside is top quality, so the enclosure should look like it too. The finished pedal will be right at home next to the name brands on your pedalboard.
Premium-grade footswitches with gold contacts

Premium footswitches

Rated at 50,000 cycles, our exclusive footswitches have the longest life specification of any 3PDT footswitch out there. They also have much lower actuation force and switch travel than the others. Once you try them, everything else will feel cheap in comparison.
ENIG gold-plated PCBs and sockets

The gold standard

Gold is corrosion-resistant with excellent electrical conductivity, resulting in better connections that last longer. Aion FX kits use gold-plated PCB pads, IC sockets, and footswitch contacts. It doesn't come cheap, but it's worth the extra expense for reliability.
Detailed documentation

Unparalleled documentation

The build documentation for our kits is clear and thorough with almost 150 illustrations and diagrams, lowering the barrier of entry for people who are new to the hobby. We’ve pored over every detail of the process so you don’t have to fill in any gaps on your own.

Trusted manufacturers & suppliers

In the age of cheap and disposable electronics, quality has become secondary to price. But if you’re building studio-quality and road-worthy equipment, you know that your pedal is only as reliable as its weakest individual component.

In our kits, we only use the highest-quality components from respected brands, including WIMA capacitors, Taiway switches, and Vimex potentiometers. All of our semiconductors and capacitors are sourced from certified distributors to eliminate the risk of counterfeit or off-spec parts.

The pantheon of classic effects

What builders are saying

"I've always enjoyed your builds... The kit aspect just takes it to a whole new level and I really can't recommend this one enough. Really nicely done."
"I have to say that this build was a MILLION times easier than the builds I did in the past! Your kit for the Azimuth was easy to figure out and the components a whole lot more user friendly."
"The pedal looks and sounds killer! This is one of the best kit pedals I've ever put together... and I've built quite a few from other vendors."