Questions, suggestions or errors?

Please fill out the contact form if you have questions about an existing project, suggestions for something new you’d like to see, questions about an order, or if you notice an error in the documentation or on the website.

Technical support

Aion FX does not offer direct support for these projects or kits beyond the provided documentation.

While we cannot offer direct, private support, you may send a link to a public troubleshooting thread from someplace like the DIY Stompboxes forum or the Facebook group. There is no guarantee that we will be able to join the discussion and help solve your problem, but this improves the chances.

It benefits the whole community if the troubleshooting process is public because then people who have the same issue in the future may come across it when searching. And if you do get help, remember to pay it forward! The best way to learn new skills is to help others. Even if you’ve only built one pedal, you have more experience than someone who is brand new, so you have something to offer.