New PCBs, 6/5/2020

Eight new projects available now: Runoffgroove, Way Huge and more!

It’s been awhile, but the first batch of new projects for 2020 is finally here. Four of them are Runoffgroove favorites, and then four more drive circuits are joining the family.

Several of them use J201 JFETs, which we now have available in SMD format pre-soldered to adapter boards so they can be easily used in through-hole designs.

Runoffgroove Peppermill PCBRunoffgroove Peppermill

A super-simple drive created by boosting the signal into a J201 JFET until it clips in a tube-like manner.

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Runoffgroove Supreaux PCBRunoffgroove Supreaux / JHS Superbolt

An adaptation of the Supro 16T amplifier, with JFETs replacing the tube stages. The source circuit for the JHS Superbolt.

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Runoffgroove Supreaux Deux PCBRunoffgroove Supreaux Deux

An updated version of the original Runoffgroove Supreaux, an adaptation of the Supro 16T amplifier with JFETs replacing the tube stages.

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Runoffgroove Tri-Vibe PCBRunoffgroove Tri-Vibe

A simple no-bias phaser and vibrato circuit that uses commonly available parts.

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Karkadann Dynamic Overdrive PCBKarkadann – Way Huge Green Rhino Mk. II

A drive pedal based loosely on the classic Tube Screamer with a few extra tone-shaping controls added. (Side note: the first green PCB in the Aion family!)

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Isotope Amp Overdrive PCBIsotope – Intersound IVP Tube Voice

The overdrive channel of the Intersound IVP rack preamp, adapted for pedal use.

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Positron Amp Overdrive PCBPositron – Gorilla TC-35 Tube Cruncher Preamp

The preamp circuit of the Gorilla TC-35 amplifier adapted for use as an overdrive pedal.

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Delta Amp Overdrive PCBDelta – Vertex Steel String Clean Drive

Jack Orman’s classic mini-boost circuit, using J201 JFETs to achieve an amp-like overdrive tone.

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