New Kits, 1/26/24

Four new kits releasing today based on the EM5 Echomachine, Echoplex Preamp, Hot Cake and OCD®

Today four more of our top projects are getting the kit upgrade!

Elysium Ambient Delay

Based on the Ibanez® EM5 Echomachine, an analog-voiced digital delay that emulates vintage tape echo units, with heavy filtering and a soft-clipping overdrive on the repeats.

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Titan Dynamic Drive

Based on the Fulltone® OCD®, a legendary hard-clipping overdrive pedal that makes almost any rig sound better.

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Disclaimer: Fulltone® and OCD® are registered trademarks of Fulltone Musical Products LLC. Any use of these trademarks is for comparative purposes only. Aion FX has no affiliation with Fulltone Musical Products and this project is not endorsed by them.

Ares Vintage Preamp

Based on the preamp section of the EP-3 Echoplex tape echo unit. It captures the sound of the EP-3 in bypass mode, favored by many guitarists for it “sweetening” effect on the tone.

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Anomaly Vintage Distortion

Based on the Crowther Hot Cake, one of the original boutique overdrive/distortion pedals from the 1970s, notable for its method of overdriving an op-amp directly rather than using diodes for clipping.

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