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Titan Dynamic Drive

Based On
Fulltone® OCD®
Effect Type
Overdrive / distortion
Build Difficulty
Project Summary
A legendary hard-clipping overdrive pedal that makes almost any rig sound better.

Complete Kit

What's included?
PCB, finished enclosure, hardware,
and all electronic components.


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Titan Dynamic Drive printed circuit board

PCB Only

What's included?
Just the PCB. Build instructions and parts list can be viewed or downloaded from this page.


In stock

Fulltone® and OCD® are registered trademarks of Fulltone Musical Products LLC. Any use of these trademarks is for comparative purposes only. Aion FX has no affiliation with Fulltone Musical Products and this DIY project is not endorsed by them.

Project overview

The Titan Dynamic Drive is an adaptation of the legendary Fulltone® OCD®. The Obsessive Compulsive Drive was first released in 2005, itself a modified version of the Voodoo Labs Overdrive with several added features and tweaks.

There were seven different official versions of V1 from its initial release until it was replaced by the V2 in 2017. Prior to the release of the “true” V2, these versions were referred to by the gear community as V1, V2, V3, etc., but they’ve always been labeled V1.1, V1.2, V1.3, etc. inside the enclosure.

For this project, we’ve brought in the most noticeable circuit tweaks from V1.1 through V1.7 and using DIP switches to make them configurable. The result is a tonal workstation, allowing you to tailor your own perfect version of the circuit.

We’ve included extensive documentation on the major differences between the versions and the switch combinations that correspond most closely to each. The default parts list corresponds to v1.7, which is the version that was in production the longest with around ~75,000 units manufactured.

Demo Video

Check out RJ Ronquillo's demo of the Titan Dynamic Drive.
Watch on YouTube →