Aion FX New Kits, 2023/02/01

Two new kits available now: King of Tone and Prince of Tone

Today we’re excited to release the first new kits of 2023!

Theseus Dual Overdrive KitTheseus Dual Overdrive

The first is by far our most-requested kit since the PCB was released last year: the King of Tone (Theseus). Our version is true to the original, but with two added modifications.

  1. The internal DIP switch has an additional setting for each channel, allowing you to convert either side to high-gain mode as well as selecting between two diode-clipping modes.
  2. We’ve added a send/return between the two channels, so you can patch something in the middle or even use them as two completely independent pedals.

And as an added bonus, there’s no 4-year waitlist on this one. (Though we do only have 25 of them to start with, so act fast! More will be available later this month.)

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Achilles Amp Overdrive KitAchilles Amp Overdrive

The second is its little brother—or son, rather, if we’re keeping with the royalty metaphor: the Prince of Tone (Achilles), which is a single-channel KoT with a few extras. Ours is a direct adaptation, with the same external 3-way diode selector and internal DIP switches for gain boost and midrange boost.

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