New Releases, 2022/11/25

Four new projects releasing today

As part of our Black Friday sale, we’ve got four new 1590BBS-sized projects launching today. Two of them are adaptations of the Lab Series® L5 preamp, isolating each channel as a standalone circuit. Then we’ve got two metal distortions: one old (the Ibanez SM-9 Super Metal) and one new (the Amptweaker Tight Metal).

We’re also releasing an updated version of the Cerulean (both the PCB and kit) which are detailed in another post.

L5 Preamp Drive Channel - Lab Series® L5 PreampL5 Preamp Drive Channel

A pedal adaptation of the second channel of the Lab Series® L5 amplifier from the late 1970s, often considered to be the best solid-state amp ever designed.

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L5 Preamp Clean Channel - Lab Series® L5 PreampL5 Preamp Clean Channel

Like the L5 Drive, but with the first channel instead of the second. Despite the name, it is more than capable of low to mid-gain overdrive tones.

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Ember Metal Distortion - Amptweaker Tight MetalEmber – Amptweaker Tight Metal

A high-gain metal & hard rock distortion pedal by James Brown, formerly of Peavey where he designed Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 and Joe Satriani’s JSX amps.

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TS50 Bass Preamp - Traynor TS-50BSentinel – Ibanez SM-9 Super Metal

One of the earliest distortion pedals designed specifically for metal tones, this effect features cascaded gain stages for a very amp-like topology.

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