Aion FX - New Releases, 11/24/23

Eight brand-new traces and PCBs, plus an updated Honey Bee

In conjunction with our Black Friday sale this year, we’re releasing eight (!) all-new traces with full tracing journals. Each of these is a never-before-seen schematic, and we have new PCBs available for each of them. We’ve also got an updated Honey Bee project with some interesting revelations about how the DIY community has probably been using the wrong schematic for nearly 15 years.

So along with a lot of new projects, there’s plenty of reading material for the holiday weekend if this is the type of thing that interests you!

Aurora Deluxe / Keeley Compressor PlusAurora Deluxe – Keeley Compressor Plus

An expanded version of the classic Ross/Dyna Compressor with an added clean blend, treble control, and output buffer.

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Nereus / Catalinbread OctapussyNereus – Catalinbread Octapussy

A vintage-inspired octave-up transistor fuzz in the tradition of the Roger Mayer Octavia.

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Silvanus - Xotic SL DriveSilvanus – Xotic SL Drive

An overdrive inspired by the Marshall Super Lead Model 1959 and Super Bass amplifiers, famously used by Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.

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Ephemeris / Xotic EP BoosterEphemeris – Xotic EP Booster

A hybrid JFET/BJT boost circuit loosely based on the preamp section of the Echoplex EP-3 tape delay.

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Blaze / Amptweaker Tight DriveBlaze – Amptweaker Tight Drive

An original drive pedal design from amp guru James Brown, the designer of the Peavey 5150 and JSX amplifiers.

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Cinder / Amptweaker Tight FuzzCinder – Amptweaker Tight Fuzz

A vintage-inspired fuzz/booster with several tone options, most notably a switch to select between germanium and silicon transistors.

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Heliosphere / Stamps Drive-O-MaticHeliosphere – Stamps Drive-O-Matic

A boutique two-channel drive based on the RAT Distortion, with selectable gain presets and a diode-clipping switch.

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Dryad / Catalinbread Silver Kiss Mk. 2Dryad / Catalinbread Silver Kiss Mk. 2

A stripped-down Tube Screamer circuit with an active 3-band EQ for amp-like control over the tone.

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Procyon V2 / BJFe Honey Bee OverdriveProcyon V2 / BJFe Honey Bee Overdrive

One of the original hand-made boutique pedals, originally modeled after vintage Supro amps and noted for its dynamic low-gain tone.

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