Aion FX New Releases, 7/4/2024

Twelve new projects: Uni-Vibe, Acoustic 360, Fuzzrite, Octavia and much more

To celebrate our July 4 sale, we’re releasing twelve new projects. This is the biggest project drop we’ve ever done, and writing all the documentation has taken the better part of the past two weeks, so we’re glad to finally be able to share all of it with you!

Almost all are vintage circuits, pre-1975, representing signature gear from Jimi Hendrix and John Paul Jones and fuzz tones of Iron Butterfly. We’ve got two full preamp conversions, and of course the one we’re most excited about: our take on the Uni-Vibe, which has been one of the most frequently-requested circuits for years now.

Here’s the full list.

Straylight / Univox Uni-VibeStraylight – Univox Uni-Vibe

Originally designed as a simulation of a Leslie spinning speaker cabinet, it uses an incandescent bulb and LDRs to produce an asymmetrical phase-shift effect.

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360 Bass Preamp / Acoustic 360360 Bass Preamp – Acoustic 360

A very early solid-state amplifier, featuring a fuzz channel and a variable-frequency tone control. Notably used by John Paul Jones and Jaco Pastorius.

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TS50 Guitar Preamp / Traynor TS-50TS50 Preamp – Traynor TS50

A pedal recreation of the preamp section of the Traynor TS-50 guitar amp, a solid-state combo first released in 1979 with a unique frequency-dependent drive circuit.

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Orpheus Germanium / Mosrite FuzzriteOrpheus Germanium – Mosrite Fuzzrite

The definitive American response to the fuzz effects coming out of the UK in the mid-1960s, featuring two germanium transistors in a unique blending arrangement.

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Orpheus Silicon / Mosrite FuzzriteOrpheus Silicon – Mosrite Fuzzrite

An updated version of the classic fuzz from the late 1960s, featuring silicon transistors in a standard negative-ground configuration.

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360 Fuzz / Acoustic 360360 Fuzz – Acoustic 360

The isolated drive section of the Acoustic 360 bass amplifier, a hybrid silicon/germanium fuzz inspired by the Fuzzrite.

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Velorum / Ibanez TSV808Velorum – Ibanez TSV808

A limited-edition collaboration between Ibanez and Vemuram that combines elements of the Tube Screamer and Jan Ray to create a highly tweakable transparent overdrive.

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Octagon / Tycobrahe® OctaviaOctagon – Tycobrahe® Octavia

The very first octave-up fuzz effect, originally invented by Roger Mayer for Jimi Hendrix and later copied by Tycobrahe for a commercial release.

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Oberon / Jordan BosstoneOberon – Jordan Bosstone

Originally a module that plugged directly into the guitar, this early distortion unit was one of the first effects to use diode clipping.

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Warpfield - Pearl/Vorg Warp SoundWarpfield – Pearl/Vorg Warp Sound

A rare effect from the 1970s combining a distortion circuit with an adjustable-frequency resonant low-pass filter. Most notably used by Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine.

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Octahedron - Roger Mayer OctaviaOctahedron – Roger Mayer Octavia

An all-transistor redesign of the fuzz effect made famous by Jimi Hendrix, which adds an octave-up overtone to the harmonics.

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Light Shield for StraylightStraylight Light Shield

A five-panel box with a reflective interior designed for use with the Straylight project.

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