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Light Shield


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Uni-Vibe Light Shield PCB

This is a light shield designed for our Straylight project, based on the Univox Uni-Vibe.

The original Uni-Vibe enclosed the lamp and LDRs in a reflective sheet-metal box that dispersed the light internally so that all four LDRs were evenly exposed. It also blocked most outside light so the effect would still work when the enclosure lid was removed for service.

So for our implementation of the Uni-Vibe, we designed a solution that uses interlocking PCBs to build a box that can be soldered in place. The inside is reflective, and the top is removable in case you need to troubleshoot or if you want to swap out the lamp or LDRs. It comes in a single panel with five sub-PCBs that can be easily separated.

Like the original shield, it is not perfectly sealed from outside light. The reflective interior is the more significant feature. With that said, it still blocks ~98% of the light when the enclosure lid is open, and 100% when it’s closed.