New Releases, 2024/04/19

Six new projects: BOSS DM-2, Diamond Compressor, Cornish P-1, Phase 90 and more

When a Cornish pedal is only the fourth-coolest new release of the day, you know it’s going to be stacked!

Two of these new projects, the DM-2 and Phase 90, have been under development for no fewer than eight years in some form or another. Prototyping setbacks, abandoned layouts and feature redesigns kept them from seeing the light of day before now, but it was all time well spent and we are incredibly proud of their final forms.

Others, like the Diamond Compressor and Cornish P-1, are versatile with undeniably amazing tone. The Fender Eric Clapton mid-boost preamp gets a pedal conversion, and the Phase 90 is joined by its younger sibling, the Phase 45.

All in all, this batch of releases represents an enormous amount of effort spanning many years, so it’s thrilling to finally get to share them all with you.

Amethyst - BOSS® DM-2 DelayAmethyst – BOSS® DM-2

One of the first analog delay effects to use a bucket brigade chip, and still widely considered among the best analog delays ever designed. Supports MN3005 or MN3205 BBDs.

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Quartz - Diamond CompressorQuartz – Diamond Compressor

A vintage-inspired optical compressor with an EQ adapted from hi-fi consoles of the 1970s and 80s. With this project you can build either the guitar or bass version.

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Zenith - MXR® Phase 90Zenith – MXR® Phase 90

A legendary four-stage phaser that uses matched JFETs to create a moving phase-shift effect. Most notably used by Eddie Van Halen.

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Halo Deluxe - Cornish P-1Halo Deluxe – Cornish P-1

An adaptation of David Gilmour’s favorite Ram’s Head Big Muff with added transistor buffers for lower noise and cleaner switching.

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Elite - Fender Clapton Stratocaster PreampElite – Fender Clapton Preamp

A pedal conversion of the MDX mid-boost/preamp circuit originally developed for the Fender Elite Stratocaster in 1983, later redesigned for the Eric Clapton signature Strat.

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Apex - MXR® Phase 45Apex – MXR® Phase 45

A simplified two-stage version of the classic Phase 90, using matched JFETs to produce a swept phase effect.

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