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2N5457 JFET


JFET adapter (J201, 2N5457, 2SK208) JFET adapter (J201, 2N5457, 2SK208)

The 2N5457 is perhaps the most commonly-used general purpose JFET for audio. It works great for buffers and clean boosts, yet its Vgs(off) value is low enough that it can also be overdriven easily, particularly in a mu-amp configuration such as Jack Orman’s Mini Booster. It’s a cross-reference for nearly everything. However, it’s been discontinued for awhile in through-hole format.

These are genuine MMBF5457 (SMD equivalent) parts from ON Semiconductor that have been pre-soldered onto an adapter so they can be used in through-hole layouts. Nearly all of them are within the Vgs(off) range of -1.0V to -1.5V (average: 1.21V) and will perform exactly the same as the through-hole 2N5457. They also have a blank white screenprint on the reverse side so that you can write in the Vgs(off) value, for example if you need to match them for a specific application.

You’ll have to solder in the legs yourself (pro tip: clipped leads from resistors or diodes work great)—but we got you most of the way there!

They are available in sets of 4 and 8. The sets are panelized, so they will need to be manually broken apart and tabs removed before use.