Aion FX 9/8/23 New Releases

Six new projects: Mu-tron III, Nobels ODR-S, Slow Gear and more

We’ve got six brand-new projects releasing today!

Lumitron / Mu-tron IIILumitron – Mu-tron® III

The very first commercial envelope filter effect, first released in 1972.

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Arcturus - Nobels ODR-S Overdrive SpecialArcturus – Nobels ODR-S

A variation of the more famous ODR-1 with a full three-band tonestack and germanium diode clipping.

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Minima / Mu-tron Micro VMinima – Mu-tron® Micro V

A simplified version of the Mu-tron III envelope filter, originally designed as a lower-cost alternative.

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Obscura - Prescription Electronics COBObscura – Prescription Electronics COB

Based on the octave section of the fOXX Tone Machine, this circuit adds a clean blend and a knob to change the character of the octave effect.

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Obsidian - BOSS® MZ-2 MetalizerObsidian – BOSS® MZ-2 Metalizer

The analog section of an obscure all-in-one digital metal pedal, featuring a JFET circuit very similar to the BD-2 Blues Driver and OD-2 Overdrive.

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Onyx - BOSS® SG-1 Slow GearOnyx – BOSS® SG-1 Slow Gear

One of the rarest BOSS effects, it acts as a sort of slow noise gate by gradually fading in the signal when it detects pick attack.

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