New Cornish Day 2023

New Cornish Day 2023: NG-3, GC-1, and P-2 traces now available

It’s been a few years since we did the last NCD, so it’s hardly an annual tradition anymore… but today we’ve got three new ones to share: the NG-3, GC-1, and P-2. Full details in the news section.

Of these traces, one involved a brand-new PCB, one involved a V2 update of an existing PCB, and the third can be built on a current PCB using alternate parts.

Nysiad / Cornish NG-3Nysiad – Cornish NG-3

A mis-biased silicon fuzz designed to emulate “imminent amp death”, most notably used by Lou Reed.

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Cygnus V2 - Cornish P-2 & G-2Cygnus V2 – P-2 and G-2

An adaptation of the Big Muff, newly revised to add P-2 compatibility (one alternate capacitor).

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Cepheus / Cornish CC-1 & GC-1Cepheus – CC-1 and GC-1

Not a new project, but the Cepheus (CC-1) build docs have been updated to add alternate parts for the GC-1, which is the exact same circuit.

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