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Switched-capacitor voltage converter or charge pump. In guitar pedal circuits, it’s most commonly used as a voltage doubler (+9V to +18V) or inverter (+9V to -9V). A higher-end replacement for the MAX1044, TC1044 or ICL7660 with better voltage ratings and the potential for lower noise. Used in the Klon Centaur as well as many modernized versions of vintage germanium circuits such as the Fuzz Face, Tone Bender Mk. II and Rangemaster.

Technical note

Unlike the 1044 and 7660 chips, the LT1054 does not have the feature to boost the switching frequency by jumpering pins 1 and 8. This is because it always operates at the boosted frequency. In other words, it’s internally hard-wired in jumper mode, and pin 1 has no function.

However, according to Linear Technologies (the original designer of the chip), there is no adverse effect of jumpering these pins. This means the LT1054 is a drop-in replacement for the 1044/7660 even if the PCB layout has a trace between pins 1 and 8.

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