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2SK208-GR (unmatched)


Sold in multiples of 2
JFET adapter (J201, 2N5457, 2SK208) JFET adapter (J201, 2N5457, 2SK208)

Unmatched 2SK208-GR JFETs left over from our phaser matching process. This is an exact replacement for the obsolete 2SK30A-GR, most known for use in Boss/Roland phasers but also used in the SG-1 Slow Gear and NF-1 Noise Gate.

The typical Vgs(off) value is around -1.8 to -2.2V, so it’s a great general-purpose JFET that works great for buffers and gain stages. The Vgs(off) value is slightly higher than the 2N5457 which is around -1.2V.

Please note that since they were tested for use in phasers, they may have a measured value written on the back. This is the Vgs(10k) value, not the more standard Vgs(off). It may also be blank.

Quantity Discounts

Quantity Price
2 - 6 $1.25
8 - 62 $1.00
64+ $0.90