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L5 Preamp Logo Nameplate


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Lab Series Logo Nameplate

This is a decorative logo nameplate for the L5 Preamp project. The 20-gauge anodized aluminum nameplate is professionally manufactured using the Metalphoto® process, which is UV-based and extremely high-definition as compared to cheaper digital printing.

It includes two #2-56 x 3/8″ steel machine screws and nuts to attach it to the enclosure, as shown in the photo at the top of the page. One is black and one is silver to blend in with the colors of the nameplate.

Please note that there is a layer of protective plastic stuck to the front of the nameplate to protect it until it is installed. Peel this off before affixing it to the enclosure.

If you are using it with the L5 Preamp enclosure, the holes are already drilled. If you’re using your own enclosure, the artwork for the L5 Preamp includes the correct drill markings for the nameplate.