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Input/Output Module Kit


Input/Output Module Kit Input/Output Module KitInput/Output Module Kit

The assembly system from the kits is now available as a standalone mini-kit that can be used for any of the new 125B projects. The input/output module uses wire assemblies and headers in conjunction with PCB-mounted components for a modularized approach to pedalbuilding.

Wire measuring, cutting, stripping, and tinning is eliminated entirely from the build process, and no desoldering is needed if the circuit ever needs to be removed from the enclosure for troubleshooting or modification.

Please be aware that this module is not compatible with the older 1590B projects, and is not compatible with projects from other designers. It can only be used for Aion FX projects in the current 125B format.

Kit options

In order to maximize compatibility with other projects, the input/output module kit has three options.

Color: Match it to the color of the main PCB (if available) or choose black for a neutral look.

PCB Format: The new 125B projects come in two sizes: Standard (1.85 x 2.3 inches, most projects) or Large (2.43 x 2.3 inches, for example the Graviton and Tempest). Large-format boards do not have space in the enclosure for a battery and the footswitch is set farther down, so if you select the Large format, the center wire assembly is longer (122mm instead of 108mm) and the battery snap is omitted.

Enclosure color: Enclosures are available in either a flat black powdercoat or bare aluminum for you to paint yourself. Only the top-side I/O holes are cut. You will still have to drill the face of the enclosure according to the drill template for the specific project.

Please note that these enclosures are not cosmetically perfect—maybe an 8 out of 10. The bare aluminum ones may need to be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol and the black ones may have minor irregularities in the finish.