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Corvus (Legacy)

Based On
EHX® Op-Amp Big Muff
Effect Type
Distortion/Sustainer, Fuzz
Build Difficulty

Legacy PCB

Designed for the 1590B enclosure with side-mounted jacks, which some builders prefer. Bypass PCB (optional) sold separately.


In stock

Updated Version

The same circuit, but updated for the 125B enclosure format for a more streamlined build. The bypass switch PCB is integrated.


In stock

Project description

The Corvus Fuzz is a clone of the 1977-1980 “op-amp” EHX Big Muff Pi, a redesign of the classic Big Muff circuit using op-amps instead of transistor gain stages. It was designed by Howard Davis, a notable EHX engineer who also invented the Memory Man delay and Electric Mistress flanger as well as the Deluxe Big Muff Pi.

The Corvus features the Tone Bypass switch from the second revision, and it has the option to use a modified tonestack as suggested by Analogguru on the forum.


Project Documents