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Comet (Legacy)

Based On
Boss® DS-1 Distortion
Effect Type
Build Difficulty

Legacy PCB

Designed for the 1590B enclosure with side-mounted jacks, which some builders prefer. Bypass PCB (optional) sold separately.


In stock

Updated Version

The same circuit, but updated for the 125B enclosure format for a more streamlined build. The bypass switch PCB is integrated.


In stock

Project overview

The Comet Distortion project is a clone of the classic orange BOSS DS-1 Distortion, in continuous production since 1978. It’s got a few things going on in the circuit—the pregain and tone sections are very similar to the Big Muff, while the diode-to-ground hard clipping is similar to circuits like the Distortion+.

The DS-1 had a major circuit revision in 1994 that dropped the original single op-amp in favor of a dual, along with some other changes to accommodate. The original “Made in Japan” version is very well-regarded, while the revised “post-1994” version is not as much. However, it is one of the most frequently-modified pedals out there, with great mods available from Keeley, Analogman and Monte Allums. The circuit itself is a good one—it just suffers from cheap components.

The Comet Distortion will allow you to build either the pre- or post-1994 versions of the circuit, as well as incorporating most of the popular modifications.


Project Documents