February 2019 New Releases

Three new projects for February

A killer amp distortion and a pair of 1970s octave fuzz pedals to kick off your February.

Tempest - Friedman BE-OD/Dirty Shirley CloneTempest – Friedman BE-OD / Dirty Shirley

A killer amp-like distortion that replicates the tone and feel of the Friedman amplifiers it’s based on. This project combines the features of both pedals for a total of 7 knobs.

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Vulcan - fOXX Tone Machine DIY PCBVulcan – fOXX Tone Machine

An octave fuzz from the 1970s, originally based on the Fender Blender but with a few tweaks. The Vulcan adds a switch to “fix” the tone control so it works better than the original.

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Rift - Univox Superfuzz PCBRift – Univox Superfuzz

An updated re-release in the new 125B format, this is another classic octave fuzz from the same era as the Tone Machine, but with a much different flavor. Famously used by Pete Townshend.

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That’s it for today, but keep an eye out next week for a (semi) big announcement related to the assembly/wiring system used in the kits.