Xenotron IBOM

New Interactive BOM tools for Xenotron, Neurotron and other advanced projects

We’re trying out a new feature for our larger projects. The Xenotron and Neurotron are launching with Interactive BOMs to help make the build process easier. We also went back and did them for the other two Lovetone modulation projects, the Spectron (which was just updated to v1.1) and Quadratron.

Aion FX Interactive BOM demo

Components are grouped by value, and if you click one (either from the list or from the board itself), you can see where all the others of the same value are located. You can zoom in and move around like a CAD program, and you can check off components once they’ve been placed to help keep track of things.

It’s overkill for most standard projects, so we’ll only be doing these for projects rated “Advanced” or “Expert”, and it may take awhile before older projects have them available. But on the more complex layouts, it will undoubtedly save a lot of time and potential mistakes, so don’t overlook it!