New Kits 6/1/2024

Five new kits based on BOSS® classics: DM-2, CE-2, PH-1r, BD-2 and OD-3

We’re excited to release five new kits today, all based on legendary BOSS® classics!

Of course we couldn’t let such colorful names be paired with a black and white enclosure, so you’ll notice new cosmetics for each of them: a flat metallic powdercoat finish with a white diffused LED. We are absolutely thrilled with how the new colors turned out, and trust us when we say they look even better in person!

The Emerald is our first phaser kit and the Azure is our first chorus. We’ve also got the fastest PCB-to-kit turnaround yet, with the Amethyst (DM-2 Delay) whose PCB was released just six weeks ago.

One last thing to share: as part of today’s release, we also wrote a Kit Troubleshooting Guide geared toward beginners that has a lot of information on debugging when things don’t work right.

Disclaimer: BOSS® is a registered trademarks of Roland Corporation. Any use of these trademarks is for comparative purposes only.

Amethyst Analog Delay Kit

Amethyst Analog Delay

Based on the DM-2 Delay, one of the earliest analog delay effects to use a bucket brigade chip, and still widely considered among the best ever.

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Emerald Resonant Phaser Kit

Emerald Resonant Phaser

Based on the PH-1r Phaser, a four-stage JFET phaser similar to the Phase 90, but with with a frequency-dependent feedback control that accentuates the phase effect.

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Azure Analog Chorus Kit

Azure Analog Chorus

Based on the CE-2 Chorus, one of the most revered chorus pedals of all time, with the warm, rounded chorus tone characteristic of this era.

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Sapphire Amp Overdrive

Sapphire Amp Overdrive

Based on the BD-2 Blues Driver, one of the most popular pedals in the BOSS lineup with amp-like drive resembling vintage Fender tweed or blackface amps.

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Heliodor Amp Overdrive Kit

Heliodor Amp Overdrive

Based on the OD-3 Overdrive, featuring discrete op-amp topology designed to overdrive more like an amplifier than traditional drive circuits.

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