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Lumin (Legacy)

Based On
BBE® Sonic Maximizer
Effect Type
EQ / Sonic Enhancer
Build Difficulty
Project Summary
A unique tone-shaping tool that allows you to enhance the clarity of your signal by phase-correcting the low, mid and high frequencies separately.

Legacy PCB

Designed for the 1590B enclosure with side-mounted jacks, which some builders prefer. Bypass PCB (optional) sold separately.


In stock

Updated Version

The same circuit, but updated for the 125B enclosure format for a more streamlined build. The bypass switch PCB is integrated.


Out of stock

Currently unavailable, but we expect to have more soon. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified of restocks and new products.

Project description

The Lumin project is a workalike of the BBE Sonic Stomp / Sonic Maximizer. It’s based on work done by Bajaman (documented on FSB)[1] and Sebastian Montti (stm) on DIYStompboxes in recreating the functionality of BBE’s proprietary NJM2150AD chip.[2]

I intentionally designed this circuit around six dual op-amps instead of a quad and a dual like most other comparable projects. Your quad op-amp choices are pretty limited, but with duals you have a lot of other options like the NE5532 or OPA2134 if you want to try something different.

This project also has a midrange knob, giving you an additional frequency band to play with, and optional switches that allow you to change the frequencies for the Process (high) and Contour (low) knobs.

Notes & references

  1. The original Sonic Stump project by Bajaman on
  2. Two fantastic technical descriptions by Sebastian Montti (stm) on regarding the behavior of the state variable filter: #1, #2


Project Documents