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Aurora (Legacy)

Based On
Ross / Dyna Compressor
Effect Type
Compressor, sustainer
Build Difficulty
Project Summary
The original guitar compressor, still a favorite of guitarists after over 40 years. The Aurora makes several improvements to the original circuit as well as adding a few new features.

Legacy PCB

Designed for the 1590B enclosure with side-mounted jacks, which some builders prefer. Bypass PCB (optional) sold separately.


In stock

Updated Version

The same circuit, but updated for the 125B enclosure format for a more streamlined build. The bypass switch PCB is integrated.


In stock

Project overview

The Aurora Compressor is a clone of the Ross Compressor, which was a slightly tweaked MXR Dyna Comp with improved filtering and minor EQ adjustments. This PCB allows you to build either of those versions, along with a Keeley Compressor (which is a Ross with an attack knob) and a pretty close Janglebox (which is a Ross with a treble switch), or your own combination of the above.

The modifications to the original circuit include an attack knob (or a switch, if you can’t find the odd pot value), an input trim, and a treble switch.


Project Documents